Parts Room Coordinator

Domtar Personal Care Division
Job Description
  • Must have a complete understanding of document filing system within the parts department
  • Must have the ability to locate parts, either manual or computerized
  • Must be able to check on-hand quantity, either manual or computerized
  • Must be able to check to see if a part is on order with use of PeopleSoft
  • Must be able to assign correct account numbers on part issues
  • Performs monthly Parts Room inventory
  • Is accountable for tools leaving the Parts Room by actively managing the Tool Checkout Log
  • Will manage and maintain unreturned tool database to include the production and distribution
             of tool checkout reminder notices
  • Performs packaging for outgoing parcels as required
  • Can fill out parts requisition forms correctly
  • Helps identify which parts to stock and proper stocking levels
  • Properly fills out tags for parts turned in for repair
  1. Good computer skills (where applicable for job expectation)
  2. HS Diploma or GED
  3. Post high school education or training, or comparable on-the-job training
  4. Excellent Communication Skills

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