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What is the first line of defense for your network?
Answer: a Firewall

What is a firewall?
A network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network, such as the Internet.

I have Windows Defender & Antivirus (or any another PC based "security" program)
Programs like Windows Defender and antivirus programs only protect the device they are installed on, not your whole network. These programs are based on a list that are commonly out of date and requires a lot of others to be effected before they can protect you.

If those lists are so old, why would a hardware-based firewall be any better?
If a hardware-based firewall is properly configured to your unique environment it's list will most likely be updated more frequently and it has a higher probability of detecting possible intrusions and blocking them.

Another benefit to hardware firewalls is properly configured firewalls will be country blocking turned on. If you are only doing business in the US then you don't need incoming connections from Russia, China and other countries where attacks are known to originate from. 

I don't have any valuable data, do I need a firewall?
Hackers are not just after your data and credit card information. You need a firewall to be PCI (required to accept credit cards) and HIPPA compliant, but hackers also love to peak through your cameras and store potentially illegal items (child porn, videos and audio they don't have rights to have are few common examples) on your computers that you can be legally liable for. 

I don't take credit cards, do I need a firewall?
See other examples of reasons, but the best answer is if you have internet you should be protected by a firewall. You are in business, you are responsible to protect and client/customer data you may have including the connections you establish to online sites. Without proper protection, you never know who is looking at your screen or logging your keystrokes.

Is your network running really slow?
Hackers also like to install cryptocurrency (bitcoin is a common example) miners on your network to make money using your hardware and electricity. A properly configured firewall will detect this and stop it.

Why should I buy a SnowPaw managed firewall instead of a big name brand?
Most big name brand firewalls you can buy come non-managed (meaning you must know how to properly configure it yourself) and come with a big brand name price tag. When we first started we quickly realized that small and medium-sized businesses for starters did not have the room for the required hardware, but also could not afford the high upfront hardware purchase price, the high monthly licensing fees required to use the hardware and of course the high cost of paying analyst to monitor their network around the clock to protect them. This is why we developed our own smaller and highly affordable devices.

SnowPaw firewalls ship preconfigured and updated. If local we'll come to you to set it up. Once it is in your environment we will work with you to ensure it is properly configured to work in your environment to provide you with the best possible protections. This includes setting to proper country blocks up and ensuring it is up to date. 
Once our firewall is properly setup we include the first year of updates for FREE and each additional year is only a small fee each year. This service is us actually connecting to the device and ensuring it updated, not just setting auto update and forgetting about it.

An added benefit of SnowPaw is not only do we use industry generated lists, but we also generate our own custom list based on our cyber monitoring services. If we see the beginning of a new attack with one of our clients we update all our currently managed firewalls to be protected.

Our goal is to make cyber protection affordable to all small and medium-sized businesses. We want you in the news for what you do, not the next preventable breach.
What does a managed SnowPaw firewall cost?
$1,299 for the first year 
$399 per year for continued managed service

(means we continue to check the firewall and apply updates)

Want even more protection?
We offer 24/7/365 cyber monitoring by our skilled cyber analyst for only $399 per month (billed annually). This is available for both SnowPaw firewalls and your existing firewall no matter what vendor you are using.
What makes this service different from just the managed firewall is we are watching your network and as soon as we see a potential attack on your network our analyst investigate it immediately and stop it. The firewall works great by itself, but its still just a list and it needs to know about potential attacks before it can block them. Our monitoring is real-time updates unique to your network that can better protect you.
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